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    What does senior living cost?

    Have you ever wondered what it will cost to live in a senior living community? Which contract is best for your budget, a rental plan or an entrance fee? Can I afford to live in a retirement community?Questions like these and more will be explored at Rolla Presbyterian Manor’s “What Does it Cost?” seminar September 19, 2019.   Read More...

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    Chaplain: 3 Reasons to Pray

    By Allen Teal, ChaplainJesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:16, NIV).Whether you consider yourself good at praying or not, you probably find times when praying seems needed. Some people pray stately prayers that sound Biblical.   Read More...

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    Donor spotlight: Mary McFarland

    The PMMA mission and its unique programs are sustained through the many families, friends, employees and companies that donate each year. To help tell the story of one such contributor, we recently caught up with Mary McFarland of St. Louis.What is your connection with Rolla Presbyterian Manor?“My connection to Rolla Presbyterian Manor goes back to the early 90s when my maternal grandmother Grayce Swope moved into ‘The Manor’ and my parents followed suit in the early 10s.   Read More...

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    Get to know Mission Committee members Bill Cottingham and John Kingston

    Each senior living community in the Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America system has a Mission Committee comprised of volunteers who are responsible for supporting and enhancing the services provided at each local campus. At Rolla Presbyterian Manor, we are fortunate to have Bill Cottingham and John Kingston as members of our dedicated and hard-working Mission Committee. Here’s a little more about them.Bill CottinghamBill Cottingham is serving his second term on the Mission Committee and has ...  Read More...

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    CHAPLAIN: 3 Things to Forget

    By Allen Teal, Chaplain“I forgot.” How many times have you said or heard these words? Human memories are far from infallible. I know of a man who forgot to go to a memory competition after spending weeks preparing.   Read More...

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