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Solarium addition: From dreams to donations

Adding a solarium to the end of Tranquility House has been something Ann Caudill, executive director, has wanted for some time. As donations are coming in, it looks like it could soon become a reality.

“We would love to have it available and ready to go by next fall,” said Ann.

The plan is to create a solarium at the end of the hallway that is currently a porch and would provide access through the garden all year long.

“We’re going to enclose the porch with glass, have furniture, some type of flooring, and add heating and cooling so it can go year-round. The neat part is that residents can go from their dining/living area and go outdoors to the enclosed garden, take the meandering walkway through the grass and end up through the solarium. Instead of walking back and forth down the long hallway, they can go outside and see what’s blooming and make one big circle. It’s more space to be out and about,” said Ann.

Because they knew the importance and impact this project could bring to Rolla Presbyterian Manor, several donors stepped in to give seed money to set this project in motion as soon as they knew building the solarium could be an option. To make a donation, or to take a tour to see how your donation will be used to make this dream a reality, contact Ann at 573-364-7336 or Patti Christen at 316-734-2275.

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