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‘Tis the season for celebrating traditions and making memories

It’s that time of year where our calendars and hearts are full as we celebrate Christmas traditions around our community. Here are just a few of the things we look forward to about sharing the holidays together at Rolla Presbyterian Manor.

Staff and Resident Carry-In Dinner

The staff and resident carry-in dinner is an employee appreciation event that Rolla Presbyterian Manor has every Christmas. Staff and Presbyterian Manor provide food.

“This gives the staff a chance to eat and visit with the residents from all levels of care. After the meal is complete, the residents present staff with a monetary token of their appreciation, which is presented by the resident council,” said Krystal Grisham, MDS coordinator.

Leland Womack, the current secretary/treasurer for the resident council, has been on the committee since he moved to the campus more than 10 years ago. He’s handled the employee appreciation fund for about seven years. As treasurer, he collects the funds donated by the residents and works with the local bank to have the funds equally placed in money packets to be distributed to employees who have been employed at Presbyterian Manor for six months or longer. Leland also hands out Christmas cards with a small gift card to those employees who have been employed less than six months.

“The carry-in dinner is special because it allows the residents to show the staff members their appreciation for the labor, work and care given by the staff at Rolla Presbyterian Manor to the residents. It also allows us to share a meal, camaraderie and learn more about the staff that work here,” said Leland.

Resident Gerald Huddleson added, “It is a nice way to say thank you for all you do.”

And the event is very much appreciated by the staff.

“This event is special to me because it is an opportunity to get to spend time with the residents and actually have time to visit with them. I started at PMMA in 2002 and was a mom of two kids living paycheck to paycheck. Many years, these funds helped me ensure my children had a good Christmas. I am grateful for the generosity that I have received through the years from the residents and I truly do think of all of them as family,” said Krystal.

This year’s carry-in dinner will be December 13 at 11 a.m.

Christmas Store

Are you counting your points and checking them twice? This year’s resident Christmas Store will take place December 10 in the activity room. This annual tradition includes the exchange of activity points that residents have earned over the past month for new and repurposed items that could be perfect for Christmas gifts.

“We’ll have new and repurposed items like silver, scarves, mittens, books, jewelry and stuffed animals that residents may enjoy themselves or could wrap up and give to somebody on Christmas. It’s all donated by church groups, staff members, family members and even residents. It’s a great way to bless the residents and give them the opportunity to shop for the holidays,” said Joy Parker, life enrichment director.

Christmas Light Tour

Weather permitting, we will take residents on a tour to see Christmas lights around the Rolla community every evening the week of December 9-13.

“They put light throughout Lyons Club Park, and we drive through there and go through different neighborhoods through Rolla,” said Joy.

Sign-up sheets will be available the first week of December.

Children’s Christmas Party

The annual Children’s Christmas Party is a favorite holiday event that’s been running for more than 20 years in our community. This year the party will take place on December 23 at 2 p.m. All staff children from newborn through age 12 are invited to attend the event and will receive a gift from Santa. Residents are invited to attend and enjoy watching the kids open presents and visit with Santa. Goodie bags, drinks and cookies will be provided.

Marketing Director Joelle Freeland shares that, “Santa’s elf helper is always available for parents to stop by to let her know if Santa needs to mention or remind a child to behave, do better in school or be nicer to a sibling. It always surprises a child when Santa can be specific about something.”

Secret Santa

Our Secret Santa program is always a favorite on Christmas morning. Throughout November and December, individuals and organizations throughout the Rolla community can adopt a resident or group of residents to be a secret Santa. The person or organization has the option of purchasing items for an individual valuing $40 or donating $40 and Presbyterian Manor staff will do the shopping.

“We work to determine the specific needs or wants of our health care residents. Sometimes it is the purchase of the resident’s favorite lipstick or cologne that will bring a smile to them on Christmas morning,” said Joelle.

Gifts are provided by the activity department and handed out to residents on Christmas morning.

New Year’s Eve

Let’s ring in the new year together at our New Year’s Eve wine and cheese party on December 31. Beginning at 2 p.m., musician Bob Kraus will entertain us. All residents are welcome!

PHOTOS: At the very top, Allen Teal poses with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and the other photo shows Phyllis Hutchison with Santa on Christmas morning.

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