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Presbyterian Manor staff find time to be thankful, even during difficult times

We wanted to celebrate the season of thanks by talking about how our team has persevered and found ways to be thankful, even during the hardships the community suffered during the pandemic.

For insight, we turned to two employees who have been members of the Rolla Presbyterian Manor community for more than two decades: Bernadette Royal and Theresa Wood.

“I have been with Rolla Presbyterian Manor for 22 years,” said Bernadette, who works as a certified medical technician. “When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it was hard on everyone. We worried about our families at home, but we also worried about our work family — both coworkers and residents.”

Bernadette said that, even though it was a stressful time, her coworkers pulled together and worked extra shifts to ensure that everyone was cared for. She said they were there for one another and always knew they were in it together. Staff provided extra time off for each other after working long shifts.

It’s not the first time the Presbyterian Manor community has supported her. Two years ago, residents and coworkers, along with her family and friends, were there for Bernadette when she was diagnosed with cancer.

“They kept me motivated, encouraged me to continue treatment and to battle cancer,” she said. It’s one of the things in her life she is most grateful for.

“I thank God every day for the people in my life: the man who loves and cares for me, my children, grandchildren, family and friends,” Bernadette said. “I am especially thankful for my work family. Because of them I am able to hold my head up and keep doing what I do.”

Theresa Wood is thankful to be working at Presbyterian Manor in a job she loves: taking care of the residents. Although the pandemic has been challenging, she has been able to find gratitude in her ability to get up every day and make a difference in someone else’s life.

“I’m thankful that I can be a voice of encouragement and a confidante to the residents here,” she said.

Theresa is also grateful for the residents, her friends and her family. She points out that it’s important to not just think about what we’re thankful for — she feels strongly that we need to let people know how important they are to us.

Thanks to Bernadette and Thersa for sharing your thankful spirits with our community.

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