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Long-time resident grateful for each level of care

Leland Womack has had a more eventful year than most. While most Rolla Presbyterian Manor residents are staying put, he has been on the move — from independent living to a temporary stay in the health care area, and finally to his new assisted living apartment.

“It’s been a little bit of an upheaval because everything has changed around so much,” Leland said.

He is the longest-tenured resident at Presbyterian Manor, having moved in in the fall of 2008 with his wife, Dawna, who currently lives in the health care neighborhood. An active member of the community, he is the treasurer of the Resident Council and has served on the Mission Committee.

Though it has been a stressful year, both Leland and his daughter Liene Womack are grateful for the care he has received at Presbyterian Manor.

“It has been a difficult time, but we have worked through it,” Liene said. “He is now much more comfortable — and so am I — knowing that he has good care right outside his door.”

“We’ve been fortunate,” Leland said. “Everybody has been cooperative. We’ve worn masks and kept distance. I think we’ve had good leadership.”

He also has plenty of family support.

“I have three grown children who are very helpful,” he said. “They call frequently.” Liene lives in Rolla and helps coordinate her parents’ care. His sons live in St. Louis and Minnesota.

Ultimately, Leland is pleased with his choice to live at Presbyterian Manor.

“It’s a good place to live, and the food is prepared for us,” he said. “We have all three levels (of care), which is really important.”

If you or a loved one is considering the advantages of moving to a senior living community, both Liene and Leland recommend doing plenty of research.

“If you need care, you should counsel with the marketing director and maybe the social worker,” he said. “If your needs fit what they offer, you ought to go.”

For more information about Rolla Presbyterian Manor, contact Joelle Freeland, marketing director, at 573-364-7336 or

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