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Good Samaritan Program allows employees to support residents

Amy Skaggs is among the Rolla Presbyterian Manor employees who donate part of each paycheck to the Good Samaritan Program, which benefits residents who have outlived their financial resources.

“Not everyone who works in a retirement community can say their residents will not leave home if they do not have the money to pay. That’s why I like my job,” said Amy, who serves as the kitchen supervisor. She has held every position in the dietary department since she began working for the community 13 years ago.

At Rolla Presbyterian Manor, an average of 12 residents benefit from the Good Samaritan Program, said Sarah Oenning, vice president of giving for PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America).

“This program ensures that each of our residents have a home for the rest of their lives,” Sarah said. “It goes to the heart of our mission to offer quality care to everyone we serve.”

The program includes the discounting of fees and payment of some expenses for residents who have exhausted their assets through no fault of their own.

“It’s designed to meet room and board needs, first and foremost,” Sarah said. “That said, each community works to provide the big and little things that make quality of life a priority — new slippers or eyeglasses, for example.”

Amy’s mother was also an employee-donor over the nine years she worked at Presbyterian Manor as a cook. During that time, Amy helped her make baskets for the silent auctions that benefitted the program.

“My parents taught me at a young age to give when you can and help as you can,” she said. “As a single mother of two, I was not always able to help people out, but when my girls got older and I was able, I was more than happy to. It helps that the donation comes right out of my check, so I don’t miss it.”

All current residents are eligible to apply for help from the Good Samaritan Program, which is designed so that beneficiaries’ identities are kept confidential.

To learn more and to help a senior in need, visit, or call 1-800-336-8511.

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