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Employees in the spotlight

We’re incredibly grateful to have a team of caring, talented and dedicated employees at Rolla Presbyterian Manor. Here are just a few individuals who make our lives better by being a part of our community.

Jennifer Feltner

Human resource manager; staff member for Fulton and Rolla Presbyterian Manors since July 2019

What I enjoy about working at Rolla Presbyterian Manor: “One of the things that I quickly noticed was how supportive everyone was. Everyone has similar goals in mind. Teamwork is a major focus, and it really comes through. I think PMMA is a great fit for me because I have a huge background in the health care industry. I attended nursing school to be a RN, I was a nurse tech for almost three years, I have worked in health care staffing agencies—so I believe this is definitely a natural fit for me. My daughter and I live in Columbia, Mo.”

How I spend my free time: “I love going to church, golfing, bowling, shooting pool, going to wineries/breweries, traveling, going to the lake with friends, spending time with my family and spending time with my daughter.”

About my family: “I have one daughter, Kylie, who is in the 5th grade. She is very active in competitive soccer, and we travel to Kansas City frequently for all her games and tournaments. She keeps me very busy—as she is two kids in one. I have one older brother who lives in Kansas City. The rest of my family lives in Northwest Missouri (about four hours away from Columbia). I also have two identical twin nieces who live in Kansas City.”

Brenda Hammon

Housekeeper; on staff at Rolla Presbyterian Manor for almost 21 years

What I enjoy about working at Rolla Presbyterian Manor: “I just enjoy helping people. I like the people I work with. I did laundry in the evenings here for 20 years and went to housekeeping about eight months ago.”

How I spend my free time: “I like reading and watching movies, spending time with family.”

About my family: “I’m single. My sister and nephew live with me.”

William Robinson

Cook; on staff since June 2019

What I enjoy about working at Rolla Presbyterian Manor: “I enjoy cooking the food and putting up the truck (it helps my strength stay up ha ha). I've enjoyed my time at Presbyterian Manor so far and there are some really caring people who work on the team.”

How I spend my free time: “I enjoy playing video games with friends, watching movies, working out and attempting to train my dog.”

About my family: “My spouse's name is Esther and my puppie’s name is Roxie and my other dog who doesn't live with me yet is named Bear.”

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