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Chaplain: Encourage others to be a blessing

By Allen Teal, Chaplain

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works. (Hebrews 10:24, ESV).

At one time or another, someone has probably challenged you to accomplish something. It might have been at sports, on the job or within your family. We may be reminded that most of what we do can be done better, faster or with more enthusiasm. The Bible tells us to be the one that is willing to challenge others. The two specific areas of improvement mentioned in Hebrews 10:24 are love and good works.

Encourage others to show more love.

This can be a difficult task. Loving others is a decision that we make. An old adage says that it does not matter how much we love someone; what matters is how much they feel as though we love them. Not everyone gives and receives love in the same way. Some need to be touched, while others resent being touched. One may want to hear love expressed in words. Another person thinks words are cheap and prefers loving actions.

As we stir up others to love more, the emphasis should be on instructing them to do things for others that create the feeling of being loved. Kind and encouraging words can go a long way toward making another person feel loved. Just being there when we are needed is a powerful expression of love. While it is counterintuitive, sometimes letting another person make his or her own mistakes is a way of demonstrating our love. Whatever the method, the effort to love more is what must be emphasized.

Encourage others to do good works.

Good works come in all shapes and sizes and anyone can do them. Being nice to people and doing thoughtful things may seem minor, but the outcomes can be major. A good deed accomplished with the right attitude can heal hurt feelings, lift someone’s spirits or open doors of opportunity.

Prodding others to do these works may go a long way toward changing their life and the world that surrounds them. In one passage, Jesus says that if we only give a thirsty person a cold drink, a reward will be ours. In another Bible verse, we are told that we reap what we sow. By performing good works, we can also receive more good works.

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